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My very own m0|SIMPLEWEB Framework

Posted on April 3, 2006, 11:55 am EST

Since I design many websites for all sorts of organizations and individuals, I decided to make my own framework which allows me to build simple websites quickly.

My m0|SIMPLEWEB Framework consists of 1 module which allows a user to addpages with ease. That simple module allows users to add static HTML pages. But if one chooses to add a dynamic page, the user could just add variables within the backend.

The m0|SIMPLEWEB Framework was designed using the MVC architecture. The design is separated completly from the main logic component. All the data layer is grouped by Module and all the design layer is grouped by the Template Module. The data access object layer is separated as well but either module could grab a connection and use it.

By using this framework, a user with little programming knowledge could build a complete dynamic and elegant website within 30mins. If a user choses to add programming modules, that could be added within seconds(assuming the module is already programmed)

This framework will be available shortly, after testing stages are over. Currently it works with PHP4 and PHP5. Using either PostgreSQL or MYSQL (any other could be added as well).

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