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About This preloader will consist of two scenes. The first scene will contain the preloading area and will be called "Preloader", and the second scene will contain your introductory main flash...

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TVU Player or SopCast A Chinese product which allows you to stream TV from the Internet for free on the computer. They have 50 channels now including HBO, CNN, ABC, Comedy Central, Disney, and many...

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Hi, some people have asked me how to access a database within C# ( C Sharp ). So here it is. The example was tested on Visual Studio 2005. It will work fine on other versions (like 7) H...

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Here is a simple function that jumps to the location of hte jumpbox. Many people have asked me how to do this.. So here it is! ...

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As every developer and average user on the pc are curious what Windows Vista is about. I decided to try it myself to see how good it is. The installation user interface changed completly. They made...

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Wow... I gotta say my first job is very interesting! I work as a Software Developer in a Haptics Lab doing Virtual Reality. ...

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Today I decided to create RSS Fields to this site. So I created two different feeds. One for the Articles and the other for the Comments. I...

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