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Google Chrome reload all tabs extension

Posted on October 3, 2009, 1:41 pm EST

Since I just did a bookmark all tabs extension for Chrome, many users on the Chrome Forums want a reload / refresh all tabs feature. We recently marked it as "WontFix" for including this into the browser, but it works fine as an extension.

Reload all tabs


Since Google Chrome extensions is ready (currently for dev channel), you could install this extension and press "CTRL + SHIFT + R" to reload / refresh all tabs in the current window. The reason why I picked that keyboard shortcut combo, is simply because "CTRL + R" reloads the current tab, hence adding a Shift will reload all tabs which is a proper gesture (similar to FF/IE).

Prerequisites / Installation

Please refer to my previous post on how to install extension in Google Chrome / Chromium. It could be found here.


This feature has been requested by many users, and it work on all http and https websites. The source code is available in my git repository.

If you have any suggestions, or improvements, please let me know (comment down), and the extension will auto update in the future.

Happy refreshing!

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