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High Resolution Timer ( December 21, 2006 )
The Classic Windows Forms Timer in .NET 2.0 is a bit slow, one may want to use the highest resolution timer the system has. This library will use the fastest Windows Timer by interoping the Kernel32.dll inorder to access the QueryPerfomanceCounter.
CSharp NET File Tagger ( September 2, 2006 )
A very simple userinterface that tags a bunch of files all at once. Source code available.
Database Access Object Layer for CSharp ( July 23, 2006 )
An extensible and flexible package that follows the DAO pattern to incorporate multiple DBMS within one project. Hence, a user could easily switch databases completly from altering one variable.
Haptics NET Framework ( July 18, 2006 )
The vision of bringing touch into programming was an imagination but now it is a reality (research). From using haptic devices with low level programming. This framework is developed for developers for the ease and enriched .NET framework.
OpenGL Control ( June 9, 2006 )
Using interops I managed to use .NET with managed C++ code to use OpenGL within C#. Fully customizable to fit the application needs which it comes with a handy OpenGLPanel control that would be easily dropped to the form.