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J2EE Blogging Application ( May 28, 2006 )
Using Enterprise Java Beans (EJB) This simple enterprise application imitates a nice blogging web application.
J2EE Online Banking Web Application ( December 12, 2005 )
The goal of this project was to design a replica of Normal Online banking system. I got #1 in class. From the experience creating a different system before, this system was the most enjoyable to work with. From customer banking to Employee maintenance.
J2EE Team Management System Web Application ( December 12, 2005 )
The goal of the project is to help course instructors setup and manage students teams for courses assignments and projects. The system will allow creation of teams according to parameters defined by instructors. It will also provide for collaboration between team members working on a course project.
Database Driven Chatting Program ( September 13, 2005 )
A complete Server and Client chatting application which accepts users to register an account, view other peoples profile, editing profile, send private messages, send emails, and online administration tool for viewing emails and editing options via application.