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UCEd Usecase Editor Website ( December 26, 2006 )
An open source software needed a website to present to the world. I have created something professional for a project my professor is leading. Uses XHTML and CSS for its design with PHP as its back end.
PHP Construction Management System ( July 18, 2006 )
To be announced.
PHP Blogging System ( May 28, 2006 )
Similar to this website, I have imitated several blog systems around the net and built one custom to fit a portfolio need.
uOttawa Computer Club Website ( August 24, 2005 )
As the President of the University of Ottawa Computer Club and the VP Technical, I wanted to make a webpage which was totally unique from all the web pages in Ottawa. I constructed a webpage with uses PHP5 as its back end and all using a MVC Architecture. Every layer is independent from each other. Many components are like plugins, reusable in every sort.
Campus Computer Repairs and Services Website ( August 24, 2005 )
Version 2 of one of the companies I own and run. I founded this company and home the website will aim better audiences and more customers which it did.