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Similar to this website, I have imitated several blog systems around the net and built one custom to fit a portfolio need.

To be announced later...

But you can see a working version from this site and from my computer club (Campus Interactive)

Basically this blogging system was inspired from Movable Type and Wordpress. In order for myself to learn how powerfull the PHP syntax is, I wanted to create a custom blog engine. I am proud that I made a solid, robust, and flexible web application in PHP and MYSQL using Webstandards.

You can see fancy and clean URI's, Digg It Icon, Advanced Commenting System, archives nicely automated and organized by date or by category, Downloads Management System, and RSS Feeds.

In the future, I might want to add a ranking system, just for fun. Most likely I will implement another blogging model which will incorporate videos, audio, and flash to make it more interactive.